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Always try to pack the most necessary and useful items for your trip. Keep in mind that the more prudent basis and Regulations pack sooner you disbelieve the airport checks and will not cause delays.

Each airline may have its own regulations on the size and the weight of luggage so make sure what is allowed before you arrive at the airport.

Some rules:


Liquid Transfer

In our cabin bag, you can transfer fluids, if they are, in a package less than 100ml, each liquid. All liquids are placed and transported in a plastic bag that holds a maximum of one liter.

You can transfer larger quantities of liquid, if:
- These are placed inside the baggage, we deliver, for check.
- These have been bought from airport shops and is packed in a sealed transparent plastic bag, into which, in a prominent position, liquid proof of purchase is.
- These are drugs or fluids, the necessity of proving, on prescription.
- These are baby foods and dietary supplements, which are consumed during flight.

Liquids are considered:
Water, Drinks, Soups, Syrups, Cosmetic creams, Cosmetic lotions, Cosmetics oils, Perfumes, Spray, Hair Gel, Gel wash, Hair mousse, Shaving foam, Deodorants, Air fresheners, Toothpaste, Eye Mascara.

Transport of dangerous objects

In hand luggage you cannot carry:
- Firearms and other weapons - such as weapons for beginners, industrial bolt and nail guns, slingshots, spear guns, stun guns and electric shock, lighters shaped like a firearm.
- Pointed / edged weapons and items - arrows and darts, hooks, ice-picks, syringes, knitting needles, knives or stilettos with any length blades up to 6cm., Professional tools, which can be used as weapons, such as drills, knives kitchen, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, wrenches, etc..
- Explosives and flammable materials - such as matches, not security, alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content exceeding 70% by volume, gases and gas containers.
- Chemical and toxic substances - such as acids and alkalis, corrosive or bleaching substances, disabling or incapacitating sprays, poisons and generally materials that can aftoflegoun or combusted.

On hold luggage, you can not transfer:
Explosives, gases, flammable liquids and reactive substances, Flammable liquids which include gasoline or methanol, Combustible substances, toxic or infectious substances, radioactive materials, including isotopes for medical use, Corrosive substances such as mercury and car batteries Components from the fuel system of vehicles, which have contained fuel.

Pets transport

To be able to take our pet, you must have, with us, check-in, all the required documents that will attest that our pet is healthy (eg health card) and a special animal transport cage. Because animal transport regulations and costs vary from company to company, before we decide our journey, we must ensure that we receive the relevant information:
- We can take our pet with us, in cabin? If so, what size or weight allowed?
- What kind of pet is allowed to be transported in the cabin?
- What size of a special crate required. There can be a maximum size for the cage, we can take in the cabin?
- In the country, or from which, we travel is permitted, transport pets in the cabin?
- What is the cost of transport of our pet?

Gifts: If in the handbag you have gifts, not wrap them, because you may have to go through check.
Electrical devices: Laptops and electrical appliances (hair dryer, shaver, etc.) Are allowed to fly, you just have to go through separate control whenever sure to easily come out of the handbag.
Medical equipment and medication: Medical equipment is also allowed, but it will go through special scrutiny before boarding and will be accompanied by the necessary documents. Special medicines and respirators must pass the control of the airport and accompanied by a doctor's paper.
Musical instruments: If you plan to travel with large musical instruments it is recommended to contact your airline to make the necessary arrangements.

Luggage weight
The weight of baggage (cabin or hold) permitted to transfer, depends on the airline, the position in which we travel (economy, business, etc.) to our destination (domestic flights, international flights, flights to specific destinations such as France, England, USA, Canada etc.). We communicate, then, with our airline and we learn all the above information.

What we do in case of trouble
The first step you should do is to come in contact with the airline or organizer of the package holiday. In cases of damage, delay, loss or destruction of baggage, we must make a written complaint as soon as possible. In case of damage, and if we have delivered our luggage during check-in, we must make a written complaint within seven (7) days. In case of delay, the complaint must be made within twenty-one (21) days. The starting time is the time that we receive our luggage. Compensation or refunds must be made within seven days, otherwise we have to complain immediately to the airline operating the flight.