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Please read carefully the General Terms and Conditions which are part of the contract, before you buy a travel package from our office. The General Terms and Conditions are the general information about the rights and the obligations of our travel agency and the buyer of a travel package. 


Our office “Friends of Electronic Media and Entertainment” (hereinafter CDF Travel) is a travel agency, based on the city of Xanthi Greece, licensed by the GNTO License Number 0104Ε60000033901. Your participation in any of our travel packages is a contract between CDF Travel and you. In our web site ( you can find all the travels packages of the office. Also you can buy a travel package through our web site by filling the appropriate form.


You are the traveler and the participation in our tour program involves the unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
Since you buy one of our travel packages we assume that you accept these General Terms and Conditions.

1. Responsibilities of CDF Travel

CDF Travel does not have airplanes, ships, hotels and busses in order to be liable for their correct operation. The role of CDF Travel is purely intermediary, so responsibilities of CDF Travel are restricted only in cases of omissions and organizational shortcomings. CDF Travel makes every effort to meet expectations of its customers and to coordinate and execute in the best possible way the travel packages that are available to its customers. CDF Travel is not responsible for extreme conditions like cancellations, delays or changes of various transportation vehicles (airplanes, ships, busses, trains etc.) due to exclusions areas due to strikes, act of terrorism etc.
CDF Travel does not have any responsibility for compensation for any damage due to war, coups, acts of terrorism, hijackings, earthquakes, weather conditions, fires, epidemics.
During the travel CDF Travel has the right to make substantial changes if it has to tackle some extraordinary events or force majeure (weather conditions, declaration or threat of war, coups, political turbulence, strikes, epidemics, diseases, accidents, acts of terrorism, technical air traffic impediments, prohibitively ships sailing, any damages, blockades of roads). In these circumstances all the extra costs for the use of other means of transportation are fully covered by travellers.
The cutomers may have complaints, omissions or problems during their journey. Customers are obliged to inform CDF Travel about their problems during the journey in order for CDF Travel to make all the necessary efforts to solve the problems. Failure to give notice and complaining retrospectively is a practice not allowed by the legislation. Any complaints that were not met during the trip must be made in writing to the CDF Travel within 7 days from the return date of the trip. The complaints and views beyond the aforementioned time limit are not acceptable according to the relevant legislation. The aforementioned legislation is Greek and for any dispute the Justice Courts of Xanthi Greece are responsible.
2. Customers liabilities & responsibilities

Customers are responsible for obtaining and keeping all the necessary travel documents (passport, visa, certificates, ID, etc.) in order to take part in a trip.
They are also responsible to have the documents in their possession at the time of crossing the borders and indicate them to any police or customs controls. In case that due to buyers (travellers) fault the border crossing or the airport check are unable CDF Travel does not have any liability.

3. Buying a travel package

You can buy one of our packages if you 18 years old. If you are under 18 years old, then you must provide us with parental consent from both in regards to the trip.
You can buy our packages either from our web site or through e-mails. First, we send you the contract to which you must reply with the passengers personal details as are described in the passport or ID. Then we send you the link in order to pay for the packages. Finally, after your payments we send you all the necessary documents for your package. When you are buying a travel package from us you accept all the General Terms & Conditions.
If the reservation is not made by the client who will travel but through a third party on behalf of that undertakes one who made the booking to follow all the procedures specified in our office with these terms and conditions.
Any information given to the customer by the third person and is not related to the data of our journey is the responsibility of this third person  and our office is not responsible for what was not delegated. Telephone or any other reservation not confirmed through payment of the corresponding amount shall not oblige the Office to reserve both transportation seats nor a hotel room.

4. Prices

In our website the customer can find the cost of every travel package and all the extra costs like fuels taxes, airports taxes, cities taxes etc..
If the customer wants to buy a travel package that is not in our website he/she must contact the office in order to have all the information.
Once the package payments are confirmed and the customer received the voucher of the hotel and the air tickets the price cannot change. If you wish an extension of stay or change flights or other services not included in the excursion program, the settlement requires the payment of 20 € per change / per person as operating costs of processing, besides the extra cost resulting from the change. At the customer's choice to stay in a triple room, the third person has little or no discount.

5. Cancellation of the trip by the client

Every traveller has the right to cancel his participation in a trip. This action should be done on the part of the customer, in accordance with the transaction in good faith with respect to the obligations undertaken by the agency against any entity involved in the organization of the trip (hotels, transport etc.) and for which are bound with strong indemnification clauses, under agreements made between the office and third parties, and to whom is obliged to pay money, or travel a given customer or not.

Participation may be assigned to another person, as long as this person meets the necessary conditions required for the journey (consent to the terms of participation, acceptance charge transfer fees, acceptance of the assignment by other entities (airlines, hotel etc.).
The cancellation can be made only by a written notice to the agency and is valid from the date of proven receipt.
If the cancellation is made, it has to be before the day of departure. In this case each client is charged with 30 euros for organizational and communication costs plus the actual costs of the trip (non-refundable part of air tickets and accommodation depending on the policy of the air company and a hotel). The withholding is performed whatever the reason for the cancellation of the tour (health reasons, exceptional professional commitments and even force majeure).
The above cancellation policy applies to all offers except those that have the term "Non refundable". In these cases, as stated clearly in the terms, the cancellation is withholding the entire amount and there is no refund.
There are "special conditions" to all offers, which outweigh the general conditions for participation on the cancellation policy of the agency.
6. Air tickets

In buying a travel package that includes airfare, increase of the overall package price is possible from the time in which customer gets the contract to the moment the customer replies and makes a payment respectively. This is due to an increase of the air fare during the period between the receving a contract and the confirmation by payment. In this case the Office shall inform the client about the increase and the customer must pay the excess amount immediately.
In packages containing airfare low cost companies apply different terms of cancellation, which does not accept booking cancellation or change and cancellation, cancellation is withholding the full amount regardless of the period of cancellation. Also in case of wrong input personal information during the reservation process, with a potential client not to travel or to be charged in addition to the airline of any changes in personal information, our office bears no responsibility.
7. Accommodation

The rooms are usually delivered at 14:00 and remain available to customers until 12:00 of the departure day. Most hotel rooms come as a double standard. The triple room is essentially a double room with an extra bed, which can be smaller than normal. The same goes for the quadruple room. The triple and quadruple room space is considerably limited. If the customer wants a double bed or a twin bed in a double room, it must be declared to the agency when buying a package. There is no single bedroom category in hotel classification, which is accepted worldwide. In general, it is acceptable to use the star (2 * = Tourist Class, 3 * = B 'class, 4 * = A category 5 * = Deluxe category), but does not have the same characteristics in each country. 
Usually new hotels opened lower category for acquaintance purposes. In some countries, for fiscal reasons, they undermine their category, but not their features. All hotels with cooperating travel agency, have legally valid authorization required by the authorities of the State where it is located.

If the client delay arrival after the scheduled time and without informing the hotel and the Agency, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the booking.

8. Insurance

The agency, acting in accordance with the law, has covered responsibility for security towards its customers for any claims of the non-performance or improper performance of the contract. This insurance covers reimbursement and repatriation of passengers in the event of the bankruptcy or insolvency. 
For more information read here:
9. Settlement of disputes

The agency promises to solve with good faith and disposition any dispute that may arise with its clients. In case of any unresolved disputes Hellenic law and the court of Xanthi is responsible.