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Using a credit card may be the ideal way to pay for a purchase from the Internet. In any case of problem with a transaction through the card, you can apply to your bank and dispute the transaction.

Why challenge the transaction, and how do the questioning?

The most important reasons for someone to challenge a transaction that has made over the Internet are:
• The buyer doubts about the validity of the purchase.
• The buyer has not received the products or services that he purchases.
• The seller of services or products violated the agreement.
• The seller of services or products closed his business, without fulfilling its contractual obligations to its customers.

In all these cases the customer is insured and protected from unscrupulous individuals to challenge the transaction process or else the chargeback process. With the chargeback process the customer contacts the bank that issued the credit card and request his claim for reversal of the charge. The bank shall consider the request, on presentation of all relevant documents on the part of the buyer proving the reasonable request, and after noting that the client has every legitimate reason to request a chargeback returns the amount to the purchaser's credit card. With this process the client is completely secured against the seller of any unreliable services or products.